Vitamin B Serum - Alpha H - 25 ml

Highly hydrating and repairing serum with 5% vitamin B3 (niacinamide) and 1% vitamin B5 (panthenol), ferulic acid and copper peptides.

It creates a moisture reservoir in the skin, restores the skin barrier and inhibits sebum production, making your skin less sensitive to external influences, acne, a shiny T-zone and the formation of dry lines.

The Vitamin B Serum also has a strong fading effect on pigmentation spots and ensures a more even complexion.

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The Vitamin B Serum compensates for daily moisture loss and creates an internal moisture reservoir that the skin can draw from at later times. The natural fat / moisture balance is restored and maintained, which not only helps restore and prevent dry, dehydrated, but also sensitive skin.

Also ideal for skin on which overly degreasing products have been used and skin that regularly undergoes peels; to support and repair the skin barrier.
Because a lack of moisture can lead to disrupted sebum production and dryness lines, the serum also helps prevent a shiny T-zone and premature aging.

Ferulic acid is rich in antioxidants; they repair and prevent damage from UV, stress, smoking and air pollution. Ferulic acid, together with niacinamide, also has a strong fading effect on pigment spots and other imperfections.
Copper peptides and Matrixy-6 stimulate the production of collagen and hyaluronic acid and help counter glycation (stiffening of collagen fibers).

Free from perfume, parabens, mineral oil, silicone, sulphate (SLS) and animal ingredients (vegan friendly). Not tested on animals.


Apply 3 to 4 drops of vane on clean skin and leave it on for 1 minute (touch-dry). Then apply a moisturizer for optimal effect. The serum is suitable for use in the morning and evening.

Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide) (5%), Vitamin B5 (1%), Copper Peptides, Matrixyl-6, Ferulic Acid, Chia Seed and Fision Hydrate ™.

Aqua (water), glycerin, niacinamide, methyl gluceth-20, salvia hispanica seed extract, sodium pca, panthenol, phenoxyethanol, ferulic acid, hyaluronic acid, polyacrylate crosspolymer-6, wheat amino acids, caprylyl glycol, sodium hyaluronate, disodium edta, citric acid, lactobacillus ferment, copper tripeptide-1, hydroxyproline, ci 42090 (blue 1) (fdc blue # 1-aluminum lake).