SOS WHITENING - Mesoestetic



Ultimate W + Whitening Cream (Day / Night) - 50 ml

Ultimate W + Whitening Essence - 30 ml

Ultimate W + Whitening Spot Eraser (dark eye contour) - 15 ml

200.00 € 225.50 €

Interesting full package to combat pigmentation.

Melanogenesis is the natural biochemical process responsible for the production of the skin pigments that color the skin and protect it from UV rays.

This process can be influenced by exogenous and / or endogenous factors that lead to local melanin overproduction, causing unsightly spots and uneven skin tone.

The main cause of melanin overproduction is sun exposure. Genetic factors, hormonal factors, skin aging, photosensitizers, etc. also play a role.

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Ultimate W+ Whitening