Radiance DNA elixir (oral use) on order - Mesoestetic - 6 x 30 ml


Drinkable nutricosmetic with regenerating and highly antioxidant properties. Helps to reactivate the cell metabolism of the skin and slow down aging. Combats loss of firmness and wrinkle formation, improving skin condition and texture. The skin becomes smoother, firmer and more luminous.

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Over time, oxidative stress and environmental aggressions, especially solar rays and free radicals, weaken the skin's internal mechanisms, damaging DNA and unbalancing the expression of certain genes that are essential in fighting skin aging.radiance DNA is a cosmeceutical line that preserves the youthfulness of cells thanks to [meso]recovery complex®, an exclusive complex of active ingredients with antioxidant properties that protect and repair cellular DNA. 

Active ingredients

Hyaluronic acid

Structural element of the skin, highly moisturizing. Retains water internally, ensuring firmness and skin elasticity.


Stimulates collagen and elastin synthesis, promoting tissue firming.


Promotes cell metabolism processes.

Grape extract rich in reservatrol

Powerful antioxidant that combats oxidative stress in the skin.


Indicated for reactivating cell metabolism and counteracting aging of the dermis. Its formula concentrates components that help to slow down loss of firmness and wrinkle formation, improving skin condition and texture.

Instructions for use

Every 6 months

Take a daily dose of 1 bottle a night for the first 6 days of each a month for 3 months. The treatment can be repeated twice a year.