Liquid Gold - Alpha H - 100 ml

The 4-in-1 effect of this worldwide bestseller gives the effect of an 'overnight facial' due to 5% glycolic acid and the low pH value of the product. 

This literally pulls your skin out of its comfort zone, which improves skin from within.

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Multifunctional 4-in-1 product: lotion, exfoliant, serum and moisturizer.

Works as an 'overnight facial' due to the combination of 5% glycolic acid and a low pH value of the product. This puts the skin cells to work in such a way that the production of collagen, elastin and skin's own hyaluronic acid in the deeper skin layers increases significantly. This ensures better hydration and skin improvement from within.
Glycolic acid removes dead skin cells, stimulates cell renewal, gives the complexion a boost, and fades wrinkles, pigmentation, (acne) scars and sun damage.

It also keeps the skin clean deep into the pores, making it indispensable for impure skin.

The skin usually has a visibly smoother, fresher, fuller and tighter appearance after just one use.
Multifunctional, quick and easy: clean the skin, apply Liquid Gold and preferably do nothing afterwards for the most optimal effect!

Suitable for all skin types. In particular with loss of elasticity, (premature) aging, dull complexion, pigment and age spots, thickened (smoker's) skin, acne, scars and large pores.
Free from perfume, parabens, silicone, mineral oil and sulfate (SLS). Not tested on animals. This product has a pH value of 2.5.


Use Liquid Gold every other day and only in the evening. Apply with a cotton ball or clean fingertips. It may tingle slightly on the skin; this is a normal reaction and will subside after a few minutes. Do not use any other products after Liquid Gold, because these immediately increase the pH value of the skin again, which reduces the effectiveness of this product.

We only recommend following up Liquid Gold with a night cream for sensitive or very dry skin. Only do this after Liquid Gold has been withdrawn for at least 15 minutes. Glycolic acid makes the skin more sensitive to sunlight. Always use Liquid Gold in combination with a day cream sun protection, for example the Daily Essential Moisturizer SPF50 + or Protection Plus Daily SPF50 +.


    Glycolic acid (5%), licorice extract, silk proteins.

    Aqua (water), alcohol denat, glycolic acid, glycerin, hydrolyzed silk, potassium hydroxide, phenoxyethanol, caprylyl glycol, glycyrrhiza glabra (licorice) root extract.