Everyday Fresh Cotton Cloths - Alpha H - 7 pcs.

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These luxurious, super soft and washable compress wipes made of 100% cotton are the ultimate must-have for optimal and professional cleaning of your skin. 

Ideal for removing dirt and make-up, but also the often more difficult to remove residues of a facial cleanser or mask. 

The set contains 7 pieces; so you have a fresh and clean copy for every day of the week. 

They are also washable and therefore reusable, environmentally friendly and durable!

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Ideal for removing (eye) make-up, dirt and the often difficult to remove residue from your facial cleanser or mask. Nice and large in size, so easy to use.

The compress wipes are made of thick and sturdy, but soft and pure (100%) cotton, so they last a long time.
Environmentally friendly and durable; the compress wipes can be rinsed, washed and reused.
Suitable for washing machine and dryer (low temperature).

Supplied in a set of 7 pieces; handy a clean and fresh item for every day of the week.
Can be used with all types of cleansers and masks.
Vegan friendly; not tested on animals.


Massage your favorite Alpha-H cleanser to loosen and remove dirt and (eye) make-up. Gently wipe away heavy eye make-up (from the inner corner of the eye outward) with a tip of the compress wipe. Massage a small amount of your cleanser over the rest of the face to remove dirt and stimulate blood circulation. Immerse the compress cloth in (lukewarm) warm water, wring it out and press it onto your face to absorb the dirt and the heron. Then clean the skin with sweeping movements and rinse the cloth well. Repeat.

The Everyday Fresh Cotton Cloths are made from 100% cotton.