Tips and guidelines - How do we use Juliette Armand Clarifying acne products


Whatever the cause of your acne, a successful approach takes time and discipline.

Do not immediately opt for products that are too strong or that degrease too much, because a little sebum must remain on your skin to ensure that the skin's own protective layer remains intact. Otherwise the rain will turn you into a drip. If the skin is degreased too much, it will produce more sebum to compensate, because it is simply aimed at keeping the fat / moisture balance intact. Products that are too strong can sometimes make acne worse.

Incidentally, acne can also initially worsen when using the right products. That's because many of these products contain ingredients that significantly activate cell division and the production of new skin cells (such as salicylic acid and vitamin A). As a result, the skin can release impurities more quickly. So just keep going! Take at least 1-1.5 months before you can expect improvement.

Juliette Armand has put together a separate line specifically for combating acne. You can buy these products cheaper at BoTh Cosmetics when you buy them together:

The CURING ACNE WITH JULIETTE package is a basic package that provides you with the perfect cleanse with the Clarifying Face Foam and Clarifying Active lotion and first aid with the Clarifying Acne Stick in the event of a pimple outbreak.

The ANTI ACNE BOOST package is a 'full option' package that contains the Clarifying Active Cream and the Clarifying Active Mask on top of the basic package.

ANTI ACNE BOOST - Juliette Armand - all in package

Clarifying Face Foam - 230 ml

Clarifying Active Lotion - 210 ml

Clarifying Stick - 8 ml

Clarifying Active Cream - 50 ml

Clarifying Active Mask - 50 ml

CURING ACNE with Juliette! - basic package

Clarifying Face Foam - Juliette Armand - 230 ml

Clarifying Active Lotion - Juliette Armand - 210 ml

Clarifying Stick - Juliette Armand - 8 ml



1 | Juliette Armand Clarifying Face Foam

Clean your face first with this antibacterial cleansing foam. This foam is especially for acne-prone, oily and combination skin. It removes residues from the skin and absorbs excess sebum. First moisten your face with some lukewarm water. Put 2-3 pumps in the palm of your hand and rub some open. Then apply to your face. Then rinse with some lukewarm water and pat your face dry.

2 | Juliette Armand Clarifying Active Lotion

Use after the Clarifying Face Foam. Put lotion on a cotton ball and apply it on the face with dabbing movements. Let it work for a while until your face feels dry again. This brings your skin back into balance.

3 | Juliette Armand Clarifying Active Cream

Especially for acne-prone skin, this intensive cream reduces the appearance of acne symptoms, absorbs excess sebum without causing dryness and irritation. Apply this cream to the entire face after the lotion.


Juliette Armand Clarifying Active Mask

This is a therapeutic clay mask with a powerful anti-inflammatory effect. The mask soothes the skin and relieves skin inflammation and irritation. Contains Normaseb, a complex of amino acids including glutamic acid, methionine, cystine and various vitamins. This ingredient counteracts excessive sebum secretion, removes excess sebum and mattifies the skin without drying it out.

In addition, it contains Canadian Willowherb and the exotic Manuka Oil, ingredients that inhibit the action of Propioni bacterium acnes - the bacteria that causes acne. It supports the skin in regeneration from inflammation and helps to tone and tighten pores. Apply a decent layer on the skin and let it work for 15-20 minutes. Then remove with a moist and warm microwave compress or lukewarm water


Juliette Armand Clarifying Active Stick

This stick, like the other specialized acne products, is a very important link in the total and permanent reduction of acne. Main ingredient is Canadian Willowherb, an active ingredient that is present in every product of this acne line. It has an antibacterial effect, increases immunity and offers a restorative effect and clarification to the troubled face.

The acne stick can be taken anywhere and can be used at any time, for direct use on pimples, apply 2 to 3 times a day. This ensures that the pimple either does not break or that the broken pimple disappears faster.

Juliette Armand Clarifying Acne Products