First water.. the rest comes later


ha Densimatrix, panacea made by Mesoestetic!

ha Densimatrix is ​​a concentrate that combines hyaluronic acid in various forms and molecular weights to penetrate into the deepest layers of the skin.

This bottle guarantees the enrichment of the extracellular matrix so that essential cell functions are greatly improved.

- It improves tissue firming and elasticity

- It corrects and prevents the signs of skin aging.

- It provides the skin with hydration, rejuvenation and firming.

- The formula is based on a water-gel texture that is absorbed immediately.

Instructions and indications:


Fresh, light, instant working based on a water-gel texture


Daily use for all skin types and for every age. For anyone who is struggling with skin dehydration and aging.

Especially suitable after medical / aesthetic treatments to work in intradermally and to obtain better results.

How to use:

Apply 3-4 drops daily on dry, cleansed skin, then continue your daily plan. Finish with sun protection against harmful outside influences.

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