Cosmeceuticals... cosmewhat?!


"Freely available creams, they don't do much more than just moisturize the skin", at least if we can believe most dermatologists ..

However, reality is slightly more nuanced and a product does not suddenly become a panacea because you can only obtain it on prescription from the doctor. Cosmeceuticals, on the other hand, are medical ingredients that provide intensive skin improvement without a doctor's prescription. Cosmetic products with cosmeceuticals work much deeper in the skin than the usual cosmetics that are freely available in perfumery or on the supermarket shelves.

Intensive skin improvement without a doctor's prescription

They form a link with medicinal products, but at the same time they have fewer side effects because they have a milder effect on the skin compared to the stronger, purely medical products that are previously aimed at curing and preventing a disease. Due to the milder effect, cosmeceuticals are not classified as medicines. Cosmeceuticals are active ingredients that will work in a solution-oriented way and are specially designed to allow intensive skin improvement because they can penetrate much deeper into the epidermis.

Supermarket, not 'super'good

The often cheaper supermarket and grocery creams, cleansers, masks or serums only work on the upper skin layer. An ordinary care product of good quality can improve the condition of that skin layer and also provides a smoother and more shiny skin, but this effect is temporary. This is because this skin layer is constantly flaking off and is being nourished with new cells from the basal, lower skin layer. A completely new upper skin layer is formed in one month.

Today's cosmeceuticals guarantee quality and maximum results that do reach the epidermis, and in this way we obtain much stronger, healthier skin cells that also visibly show a higher quality level.

MESOESTETIC cosmeceuticals

#Mesoestetic has the necessary medical certifications, which means that they not only produce aesthetic medicine products but also provide cosmeceuticals that meet the strictest standards of the pharmaceutical industry. The result is characterized by highly effective treatments and products that are supported by scientific studies and are used worldwide by countless doctors and cosmetic professionals.