Alpha - H Essentials

Alpha-H's Essentials collection offers professional products for those who want to simplify their routine and get back to basics without sacrificing the performance of their skin care. This soothing and calming non-glycol collection helps protect the skin's sensitive pH balance, strengthen its natural defenses and provide invigorating nourishment and moisture for all skin types. This collection is very suitable for dry or sensitive skins.

Did you know that 85% of the visible signs of aging can be directly attributed to preventable causes? Visible aging accumulates through prolonged daily exposure to UV radiation and pollution, lifestyle factors, including stress, and the ever-deteriorating nutritional quality of our food.

To more efficiently protect our skin from these age accelerators, Alpha-H's Essential collection uses the latest innovations in skin science and research to protect the skin from the premature registration of this damage.

By stabilizing your skin's lipid barrier, the Essentials collection creates a thermal gap against climate change, preserves the quality of the skin matrix and inhibits the oxidative damage associated with pollution, UV rays and blue light.